18K Certified Fairmined Gold Pendant with Ethically Mined White Diamond and purely sourced Cocnac Sapphire


Delicately handmade 18K Certified Fairmined gold pendant as part of the first piece of my upcoming collection!

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All of the materials used in my design process are ethically sourced, supporting responsible artisanal and small-scale mining, transforming communities such as Mina La Coqueta (Colombia) into an active force for good, delivering social development and environmental protection.

I have embellished this piece with an ethically mined Australian white diamond, accompanied by a purely sourced cocnac sapphire from Malawi.

The optional chain is in 18k solid yellow gold.

The certified Fairmined gold is a standard that aims to improve the circumstances for miners. It drives back the use of harmful mercury during extraction, mined under strict international environmental standards to protect local ecosystem. It advances safety of the miners and ensures a fair share for all involved through a cooperative system. The cooperatives also ensure equal rights for man and women and prevent the use of child labour. Jewellery stamped with the Fairmined Stamp ensures your metal was responsible sourced & can be traced from the mine to you.

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