Contemporary Handmade 925 Silver Earrings, Coral Collection, Certified Fair Mined Ethical Jewellery, Organic Shape Jewel


Delicately shaped earrings handmade using Certified Fair Mined 925 Silver, designed so as to reflect the bursts of light and shadows casting on your skin, through its polished and satined surface. This piece is also available in Certified Fair Mined Gold.

* Metal: Certified Fairmined Silver 925/000
* Collection : Coral
* Length: 36mm
* Thickness: 2,4mm
* Weight: 6g


For this collection, I use the lost wax casting method, so every piece is absolutely unique and special.

I made those earrings with Certified Fairmined silver, a standard that aims to improve the circumstances for miners. It drives back the use of harmful mercury during extraction, mined under strict international environmental standards to protect the local ecosystem. It advances the safety of the miners and ensures a fair share for all involved through a cooperative system. The cooperatives also ensure equal rights for man and women and prevent the use of child labour. Jewellery stamped with the Fairmined Stamp ensures your metal was responsibly sourced & can be traced from the mine to you

Note that the last photo is just a sample. The necklace and earrings are sold separately.

If you are purchasing this item as a gift and you would like to include a message with, just let me know, I can easily write a handwritten note.

Thank you


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