Emilie Bliguet jewellery awakens the senses, the primary instinct to nature, feelings that bring us back to kindness, tenderness, love, respect and protection towards our planet and each human or living being. She captures emotions from her long childhood walks in her native French Brittany, the sensual freshness of small drops of rain on a mossy trunk after a thunderstorm, the arrogant beauty of a coral chunk hidden between glossy seaweed and that we would not dare to touch, the reassuring, nourishing and deep force of the rough piece of tree bark caress against her check…

She knows and defends that beauty is love and can only spring out of deference and devotion towards our earth and humanity. Her philosophy is inseparable from her fight for responsible, fair and ethical jewellery, her poetry is into action. Her creations are ethically right, transparent and sustainable from the very beginning, from the moment of mining gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones. She creates jewels to be proud of, beautiful from the inside out.

"Emilie Bliguet jewellery awakens the senses, the primary instinct to nature..."

Her unique, contemporary or bespoke pieces are a tribute to who wears it, she believes in jewellery for everybody and celebrates the gorgeous imperfections of each individual.

Emilie designs and creates each piece in the warmth of her boutique workshop Espai Micra in the so inspiring Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

Her meticulous attention to detail, level of care and passion is reflected in each ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or wedding & engagement rings. After hours of melting, rolling, sawing, soldering, filling, hammering, brushing and polishing her creations ends in your hands, as crafted high quality fine jewel that you will cherish forever.

If you want to visit her at Espai Micra, Emilie would love to see you in person or will be very pleased to receive you virtually by message, call or video-call.

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