I love nothing more than collaborating with customers, building a new project, the perfect piece for you or your loved one, an expression of a special feeling that will be preserved for generations, a jewel as unique as you are and your story is.

Whether you are celebrating a relationship, marking a special occasion or treating yourself, I can either modify existing designs or create something new.

In order to create a custom jewel, entirely yours, full of meaning and which will cross the generations, the more information you can provide, the better. Feel free to express any idea, to tell me who you are and how you are, to speak about you, your lifestyle or what moves you. You can share any single detail that you feel representative of you from any childhood anecdote to your favorite poem…. Then if you don’t have everything nailed down yet, don’t worry, I will be here for you and with you along the way.

I can create your custom-made piece from my own Fairmined alloys or using some of your gold. Recycling the precious metal & gemstones from our family is an emotional, beautiful and ecological way to pay homage to our ancestors.

I believe that all people are created equal and we all need to experience beauty so I create jewellery for everybody and welcome ideas big and small according to your budget.  

If you want to speak with me about creating your own custom jewel, you are always very welcome to visit me in person at my Barcelona workshop Espai Micra or simply call, email, send me a message using the Contact form. I will be more than please to hearing from you.

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